Polcoombe Practical’s

We care about your safety and comfort and remind you that Polcoombe is a wild environment and whilst we fully brief you on-site, there’s a few things we want you to be aware of before you come:

The land

  • Our directions will take you to our small parking area at the entrance to the wood.  Here you’ll also find a pleasant resting area by the stream, complete with slate caveman table made from salvaged parts of the old bridge.  We will meet you here at the specified time.  
  • The woodland is accessed on foot from the parking area via a flat track. It takes approximately 10-15 mins 
  • For camping events, heavy items will be collected and transported to the base camp
  • The main track (parking area to the base camp and beyond) runs along a stream
  • The main track (parking area to the base camp) is suitable for wheelchair and buggy access, although it’s a bit bumpy
  • The terrain above the main track can be uneven and is steep in places and as such may not be suited to those with limited mobility
  • There are brambles, stinging nettles and poisonous native plants on site. We will point out such species on your arrival
  • There’s a lot of trees, plants and creatures.  We like to call them friends
  • We also have a Community Fruit Tree Orchard we planted with heaps of help from the locals in January 2020
  • Like all wild places, we have insects and some of them bite.  Bring insect repellent and inform one of the leaders if you suspect you have a tick as we have tools to remove them safely. And thank you for feeding the eco-system!

The facilities at base camp

  • We have a beautifully hand-crafted compost toilet 
  • There is a water bowser with uv treated drinking water 
  • We have temporary shelters in case of rain
  • The wild kitchen is something to behold, stocked with plates, cups and cutlery. 
  • Polcoombe would not be complete without a fireside. We have a hearth encircled by log stumps and rustic benches.
  • We provide bins and recycling points. Please respect the land and do not leave any litter on the land and recycle what you are able to.
  • We should probably mention the beautifully crafted horse box sauna, available to use on the Woodland Wellness and Community days (coming soon), and upon request on the Willow Weaving and Green Woodworking Camps.

What to wear

Suitable clothing for the environment and the weather are really important for your comfort levels and safety. Please make sure you and your children arrive with weather appropriate clothing. Here’s our checklist: 

  • Long sleeved T-shirt or shirt
  • Fleecy top or jumper
  • Long trousers
  • Socks that stay up inside Wellington boots
  • Wellington boots or waterproof walking shoes/boots
  • Waterproof coat (and trousers if you have them)
  • Hat, gloves, scarf / sun hat 

Clothing for camps

  • Extra layers and / or body warmers 
  • Thermals / base layers
  • Warm coat
  • Thick bed socks
  • Wool / Fleece pyjamas

Unsuitable clothing

  • Short sleeved T-shirts (bare arms can get stung by nettles)
  • Shorts (bare legs can be scratched and stung
  • Leggings (too thin to provide proper protection from brambles/nettles)
  • Open toe sandals (you can stub your toe very easily)
  • Crocs or similar type footwear (soles do not provide adequate protection)

What else?

You might consider bringing a few personal items depending on your event:

  • Water bottle / hot flask
  • Extra snacks and refreshments
  • Binoculars
  • Notebook and pen
  • Personal medication 
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Rucksack to carry it all!

Basic Camp Kit List

As above plus:

  • Tent / hammock – unless sleeping in one of our bell tents
  • Warm sleeping bag (and extra blanket)
  • Sleeping mat (and pillow)
  • Suitable clothing for all weather conditions
  • Spare set of clothes
  • Head torch and spare batteries
  • Personal toiletries (natural/biodegradable products where possible)
  • Our top comfort tip – Sheepskins to sit / sleep on


All our leaders are trained in outdoor first aid.  We’ll also send you an emergency contact number before the event, which is checked regularly for messages.